Author Topic: Extrem lustig, aber kennt sich wer aus? (Rätselhafte 4chan ops)  (Read 1667 times)


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Mich würde interessieren:
- was für ein Control Center ist das, in dem B.V. sitzt?
- warum muss sie sich die 4chan Videos anschauen?
- was hat das mit Spenden zu tun?
- warum streamt sie sich dabei selber?

Die Antworten finden sich auf wikia:

Brittany Venti is a streamer on Hitbox, who is regarded as infamous for quite a few reasons.

Brittany is an 19 year old girl, who is shown to be sensitive to trolling on her streams. She has also shown that she is a **** feminist, as she will always support the female side of anything regardless of what is said about said female, and has told the trolls that if she wants them to apologize to all girl gamers, not just her. She is also Christian, as she is shown to believe in god, and thinks that "the trolls will go to hell". She also said in her most recent stream, that she believes that "god is a feminist".

Twitch Streams
Main Article: BrittanyVenti

As mentioned above, she has shown to be very sensitive to trolling, to even where she cried on stream, and got DDOSED 5 times on stream. Her streams are infamous for trolls arriving (mostly ones from 4chan), and she has also gotten banned from Twitch 3 times, the first time for showing a strip club from GTA 5, the 2nd and 3rd having to do with the raids that she usually gets on her streams.

Other sites
She also has been Confirmed to have a YouTube account, a Skype Account, and a Snapchat account. Her YouTube account uses her old username from Twitch (LolipopNinja), and she mostly uses it to inform people that she got banned from twitch.

Und auf knowyourmeme:

Brittany Venti is a Twitch streamer of American origin, known for the consistent raids on her stream. Her stream name is consistent with her love for Starbucks, with ‘Venti’ being the size of Starbucks drink. She has a (boyfriend?) that is often called Ginger, and is usually seen being Venti’s personal slave to get food/drinks/etc. Brittany is well known for her tendency to become enraged whenever viewers make racist, misogynistic, anti-feminist, or pro-terrorist comments in either the donations they send or the chat box during a live stream. Another feature she is well known for is her intentional poor grammatical skills and inability to speak good English, saying things like ‘grand theft auto the fifth’ or the infamous ‘league of leggings’. She describes herself as kawaii, and shows a brooding love for Japanese anime and culture that merely scratches the surface of anything, making her a generic kawaii girl.

Online History
Brittany started streaming on Twitch in late 2014/early 2015. She easily gained attention from the likes of Raidforums and 4chan for her unnecessary outbursts and generic white girl-like image. Sometime in April/May of 2015, Brittany’s popularity and notoriety blew sky high as one of her streams was raided by 4chan, and recorded for the shits and giggles. The video was posted on YouTube, getting 200k views by August 2015. Brittany fed off of the attention she got, causing more of her breakdowns and tantrums in her streams. Another video posted shows Brittany getting a swarm of donation messages that ended up getting double of the views in the original stream raid video. By the end of May 2015, Brittany’s Twitch channel was perma-banned for racist, pornographic, and suggestive content. Now, she has transferred over to Hitbox, since then adding a video donation feature that annoys her frequently.

Brittany’s Hate for Memes

BrittanyVenti has a burning, passionate dislike for specific memes (or to her, mee-mees) that are frequently shared through her video donations. The top most hated is the famous John Cena, where a normal event would soon be interrupted by the ‘AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA’ catch-line, followed by Cena’s self produced theme song. Raiders would find ways to inflict the most damage with said video, usually putting the catch-line somewhere after an anime song. Venti has also been seen to dislike whenever fellow raider Elrusosupremo donates and plays a 24-second clip of Sonic The Hedgehog’s Green Hill Zone theme in an over-blasted ear-**** format, with the image of the poorly drawn ‘sanic’ in the foreground. The third most well-received meme is the infamous Darude song, Sandstorm. Users would proceed to spam the chat with ‘DUDUDUDU’ comments, throwing Brittany into a fake anxiety attack.

Other notable memes include Jon Lajoie’s ‘Show me your genitals’ saga, North Korean propaganda trailers, and many other entries.

Intentionally Poor Grammar (aka, Speak like BrittanyVenti)

Brittany is well known her terrible mispronunciations and slaughtering of the English grammar. Here are some of the well known ones.
League of Legends → League of leggings
Triangles → Triangulars
Grand Theft Auto V → Grand Theft Auto The Fifth
Triggered → Triggereded
****/Dick/Any **** reference → Donger
Anxiety Attack → Anxious Attack
Memes → Mee-Mees
Splatoon → Spittoon

Ihr Twitter-Account ist übrigens ebenfalls gesperrt wegen diverser Auszucker. Sie erinnert doch sehr an diverse radikalchristliche radiohosts und andere typische Opfer der 4-chan Ritter für guten Geschmack.

Sie hat einen Stream, in dem sie den Leuten die Welt erklären will, ist aber offenbar zu hysterisch, dumm und ungebildet, und hat so ein primitives Weltbild, daß sie niemandem irgendwas erklären kann. Sie ist die weibliche Versionsn von lila Schneeflöckchen Christopher Clay, nur daß sie beachtet wird. Aber halt auch nur, um sich über sie lustig zu machen.

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