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Title: Brexit: out means out!
Post by: hellboy on 2016, 06, 27; 18:28:46
Brexit: out means out!

The people of Britain have been massively lied at by the proponents of the leave-campaign. They have been told that everything would get better, that everything that goes wrong in Britain now is the EU's fault, and that britains would end off wealthier and with more influence in the world than within the EU. All of that isn't true, but most decisions to vote leave were based on that.

And people are still lied at.

They are told that in the Brexit-negotiations with the EU every effort will be made, that they have the best possible access to the single-market. But the best and only access to the single-market is to be part of it, out means out!

They are told that the British government will assure that specially the young Brits will have access to educational programmes of the EU, but those were designed exclusively for EU-citizens, out means out!

They are even told efforts would be made to keep up EU-payments for British agriculture and industries, which is totally absurd. After a brexit Britain will not make payments to the EU anymore, so it will of course receive no payments whatsoever, out means out!

The list could be continued much further, so generally people are not told the truth about who decides about the future relationship between Britain and the EU. British politicians still pretend this would be Britain picking raisins, arranging everything to it's own comfort. Britain tried to do that within the EU for a long time, trying to get exceptional regulations on just about everything, blocking many reforms all other countries were supportive of. As an EU-member state Britain had the opportunity to do so in many cases, to the disgrace of the vast majority of the other European countries. These countries have no motivation at all to make any exceptional concessions to Britain any more, and they will not do so. Telling people that Britain will be given the chance to dictate their terms from the outside of the Union, is highly dishonest, because out means out.

A second referendum

As the people of Britain have not been correctly informed about the real consequences of a Brexit, it is totally clear that they must be asked again after the negotiations with the EU. People have been promised a bright future outside the EU, even if there were no real arguments for that. Many promises turned out to be straight out lies.

Also the Scottish will not leave Europe together with the English and Welsh, and most probably the Irish will never accept a border on their island again. Scotland voted against independence, because they were promised Britain would remain in the EU. That promise has been broken, and therefore that will have to be part of a new referendum. Nobody can tell to date how any of the agreements between the EU and probably England and Wales will look like. When people can make the decision between staying in the EU or having Britain split up and separated, it would be a completely different question. And this time people would know exactly what options they can choose from, and what the consequences of either choice would be.

So as soon as it will come clear what the real consequences of a Brexit will be, when people can in fact see what it will really mean for them, it will be absolutely appropriate to ask again, if they really want that.

Title: Brexit: the 51st state
Post by: hellboy on 2016, 06, 27; 23:37:20
The EU will not sign TTIP, but England will most likely be forced to - and end up as the 51st state of the US, ruled by a guy named after and acting like that famous cartoon-duck. Good luck with that!

Title: Re: Brexit: out means out!
Post by: GOLEMXIV on 2016, 07, 01; 00:39:18

My stanniollo friends are quite agitated about that brexit meme.

- Webster Tarpley: Has sold out to The Man, because until now he was all "EU = NATO", "NATO = Imperialism" and "Only strong nation-states can save us". For some reason Tarpley is now shouting "BREXIT = TEH SUCK" and "UK VOTERS=STUPID SHEEPLE"

- Willy Wimmer to Ken Jebsen: "BREXIT = WORLD WAR III"

- Paul Craig Roberts: "BREXIT prevented WORLD WAR III"

- Alex Jones: "Illuminatey parasites are in panic mode -- serves them right, heh"

- Steve Corbett: "Let them corks pop! Break out the champagne! Sheeple has stuck it to The Man! Heh!"

- Peter Schiff: "World financial collapse imminent"

- David Icke: "Hooray! BREXIT! Terminal blow to N.W.O.!"

Title: Re: Brexit: out means out!
Post by: hellboy on 2016, 11, 30; 15:04:22
Boris Johnson ridiculed by European ministers after prosecco claim

Boris Johnson’s approach to Brexit has been ridiculed by European ministers after he told Italy it would have to offer tariff-free trade in order to sell its prosecco in the UK.

Carlo Calenda, an Italian economics minister, said it was insulting that Johnson had told him during a recent meeting that Italy would grant Britain access to the EU’s single market “because you don’t want to lose prosecco exports”.

“He basically said: ‘I don’t want free movement of people but I want the single market,’” he told Bloomberg. “I said: ‘No way.’ He said: ‘You’ll sell less prosecco.’ I said: ‘OK, you’ll sell less fish and chips, but I’ll sell less prosecco to one country and you’ll sell less to 27 countries.’ Putting things on this level is a bit insulting.”


Insulting, indeed. Britain is now represented by a clown. That's nothing new or surprising, but Boris Johnson is a completely new level of pathetic.

Title: Re: Brexit: out means out!
Post by: hellboy on 2017, 02, 21; 20:13:46
Tony Blair calls on remainers to 'rise up in defence of our beliefs'
Former PM says that the British people were misinformed by Brexit campaign and would be correct to change their minds


“The people voted without knowledge of the true terms of Brexit. As these terms become clear, it is their right to change their mind,” he is expected to say. “Our mission is to persuade them to do so.”


“Our challenge is to expose relentlessly the actual cost, to show how this decision was based on imperfect knowledge which will now become informed knowledge, to calculate in ‘easy to understand’ ways how proceeding will cause real damage to the country and its citizens, and to build support for finding a way out from the present rush over the cliff’s edge,” the former Labour leader said. “I don’t know if we can succeed. But I do know we will suffer a rancorous verdict from future generations if we do not try. This is not the time for retreat, indifference or despair, but the time to rise up in defence of what we believe.”

Blair will say that the British people voted to leave Europe and the will of the people should prevail, but that public opinion might not always be pro-Brexit as the terms of leaving became clear.

He will also suggest May and her pro-Brexit colleagues have been abusing the “mantle of patriotism” to make their case for proceeding with an exit from the EU.

“We do not argue for Britain in Europe because we are citizens of nowhere,” he will say. “We argue for it precisely because we are proud citizens of our country who believe that in the 21st century we should maintain our partnership with the biggest political union and largest commercial market right on our doorstep; not in diminution of our national interest, but in satisfaction of it.”


I didn't see that coming: I fully agree with Tony Blair.