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Author Topic: Brexit: out means out!  (Read 1394 times)


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Re: Brexit: out means out!
« on: 2016, 07, 01; 00:39:18 »

My stanniollo friends are quite agitated about that brexit meme.

- Webster Tarpley: Has sold out to The Man, because until now he was all "EU = NATO", "NATO = Imperialism" and "Only strong nation-states can save us". For some reason Tarpley is now shouting "BREXIT = TEH SUCK" and "UK VOTERS=STUPID SHEEPLE"

- Willy Wimmer to Ken Jebsen: "BREXIT = WORLD WAR III"

- Paul Craig Roberts: "BREXIT prevented WORLD WAR III"

- Alex Jones: "Illuminatey parasites are in panic mode -- serves them right, heh"

- Steve Corbett: "Let them corks pop! Break out the champagne! Sheeple has stuck it to The Man! Heh!"

- Peter Schiff: "World financial collapse imminent"

- David Icke: "Hooray! BREXIT! Terminal blow to N.W.O.!"